Our Guide to Clearing, Cleansing and Charging Crystals.

Our Guide to Clearing, Cleansing and Charging Crystals.
Cleansing your crystals

Why Cleanse at all?

If you are a believer that crystals can be used to soothe our mind, body and soul then cleansing is a technique you need to know. Crystals travel an awful long way from their source to the seller and then ultimately you. Each part of the journey would then expose a crystal to the energies around them which might not align with your energy, 

When used for healing stones absorb or redirect energy that we are trying to release. Cleansing them ensures they feel only our energy. 

So, here are the ways to cleanse, ranked, from our most suggested to our least suggested. 

1.) Sage

Sage is a sacred Native American plant with a slew of healing properties. "Smudging", as it's generally called, your stone is said to clear the vibrations and restore each stone to its natural energy.

What you’ll need:

  • a firesafe bowl
  • a lighter or matches
  • loose or bundled sage

If you’re unable to smudge outdoors, we suggest near an open window. This allows the smoke and negative energy to disperse elsewhere instead of remaining in your home.

To begin, ignite the tip of the sage with the flame. Transfer the sage to your non-dominant hand and firmly grasp your stone and move it through the smoke.

Allow the smoke to envelop the stone for about 30 seconds. If it’s been a while since your last cleansing — or you feel the stone is holding onto a lot — consider smudging for an additional 30 seconds.

Approximate duration: about 30 seconds per stone

Use this for: any stone

2.) Visualization

This is probably the safest way to clear stones but it can feel intimidating for some people. The more in tune you are with your sense of self, the easier it may be to redirect your energy to the stone.

Take a few minutes to meditate and ground your energy, then pick up your stone and visualize your hands filling with white light. See this light as it surrounds the stone and feel it growing brighter in your hands. Envision the impurities flushing out, allowing the stone to shine brighter with renewed purpose.

Continue this visualization until you feel a shift in the stone’s energy.

Approximate duration: about 1 minute per stone

Use this for: any stone

3.) Natural Light

Ritual cleansing is often centered around certain points in the solar and lunar cycles and this allows us to set our stones at any time to cleanse and recharge.

Begin by placing your stones directly on the earth where they won't be disturbed by any passersby. Set your stone out before the nightfall and plan to bring it in before 11 a.m. roughly This will allow your stone to bathe in the light of both the moon and sun. Exposure to direct sunlight may weather the stone’s surface, so make sure you return for it in the morning.

Afterward, give the stone a quick rinse to remove any dirt and debris. Pat dry.

Approximate duration: 10 to 12 hours

Use this for: most tumbled stones

Don’t use this for: vibrant stones, such as amethyst, in sunlight; soft stones, such as celestite, halite, and selenite, that may be damaged by inclement weather.

4.) Breath

I know, you probably weren't thinking about this one but breathwork can also be an effective means to cleansing crystals. 

Getting started is very easy, hold your stone in your dominant hand. Focus you intentions and deeply inhale through your nostrils. As you do, bring the stone closer to your face and exhale in short, forceful style breaths through your nose onto the stone. 

Approximate duration: about 30 seconds per stone

Use this for: small stones


Programming Your Crystal

Crystals are believed to have innate healing properties however it still takes tie to set an intention for your specific stone. This will allow you to connect to the stones energy. Some report feeling comfortable holding their stone while they meditate or placing it on their Third Eye chakra. Depending on the stone, if it's meant to balance a certain Chakra you might allow it to rest on that there. 

Either way, envision the stone's energy becoming one with yours. Speak to your stone, divulge your intentions and ask for the stones powerful assistance. You might end your programming by thanking the stone for its guidance or perhaps spend a few minutes meditating with your stone. 


Charging Your Crystal

Charging crystals is both a necessary and widely practiced method to keep your crystal holding the proper energy. First choose one of the above ways to cleanse your crystal, then on a full moon, lunar or solar eclipse take your crystal outdoors and create a sacred space for them. You'll want it to be safe from any other people as well unharmed by the elements. Set your crystals out for the evening to be charged by the moonlight. 



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