Selenite & Why You Need It

Selenite & Why You Need It

5 Reasons You Need to Add Selenite to Your Growing Crystal Collection

There are so many different crystals and stones out there that all have amazing benefits when utilized on your spiritual journey and Selenite is definitely a stone you want to include in your collection. This high vibrational, powerful stone can affect many facets of your day-to-day life. Below are only five of the myriad of reasons why you need to pick up some Selenite today!

1. It clears and cleanses negative energy

Due to its high vibration, selenite naturally and effortlessly clears and cleanses the energy around it. Selenite is one of the few stones with the ability to unblock negative and stale energy effectively and quickly by removing all blockages in the body returning fluidity to the flow of energy throughout your system. Selenite can also aid in protecting and shielding you from any outside influences or low vibrations that may penetrate your energy field.

2. It is a self-cleansing crystal

Cleansing your crystals can feel like a hassle. You’ve bought them and now you want to just jump in and use them to your benefit. Or maybe you realize you need to take the time to cleanse your crystals when you are in dire need of them. Whatever the case may be, taking the time to cleanse can feel like the last thing you want to do. However, with selenite, you don’t have to worry about smudging or setting it under the moonlight because it is a self-cleansing and self-recharging stone. So, you can just place some selenite in your living room and let it do its thing for as long as you wish.

3. It can cleanse your other stones or crystals

Yes, you read that correctly. Selenite is also a great tool for cleansing smaller stones! Simply place your selenite slab directly on top of your smaller stones that need a boost and leave them be. It is believed that the extremely high vibration from selenite aids in removing those negative and lackluster energies that your other stones may have absorbed.

4. It can improve your meditation practice

Implementing regular mediation into your routine can be a challenging habit to form, but with the help of selenite, it may not be as rocky of a road. Selenite can help you open your crown chakra which connects us to our highest power and most inspired selves. When you can open your crown chakra you can reach new levels of consciousness, improve your creativity and even strengthen your own intuition. Who doesn’t love the sound of that! To use selenite in your meditation, first connect to the crystal with your intention. Then, any which way you want the crystal involved is up to you. You can hold the crystal during your meditation, place it on your body, or even leave it near you. The beauty of meditation and meditation with crystals is that there is no wrong way to do it.

5. It can improve your sleep

Sleep struggles plague most of the population today. While sleeping pills and other sedative substances are effective, they are not a solution to the problem, they are just masking it. Next time you go for the Advil PM before hitting the hay, grab some selenite instead. You can place your selenite inside a pillowcase, or even stick it under your pillow. You can also keep it on your nightstand next to your side of the bed. However you want to keep it near you at night will work. The peace and high vibrations this crystal possesses will aid in deep and restful sleep.

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