Pisces Full Moon

Full Moon in Pisces

As you step outside of your house and gaze up at the sky, the full moon's orb may seem to glow with a special type of energy. We may even feel this change on a more permanent level, with more compassion and intuitiveness in the world around us after the season ends. We call this moon the Harvest Moon for a reason - everything you have done this past full year (from Full Moon Aries to Full Moon Pisces) has come to the harvest. If you are feeling like you are on the right track than congrats but if you are falling apart... then perhaps you have things you need to be working one. 

Attributed to the slippery fish, Pisces is one of the deepest and mystical signs in the zodiac. Pisces resides at the end of the zodiac wheel -- it has been through the karmic trials and lessons of all other signs. It's natural to feel its energy more potently if you're a water sign, but all signs will be affected by the Full Moon. The Moon’s maternal nature and dreamy energy are very connected to the powerhouse Pisces is. No matter what happens, the energy created by the Full Moon on September 21st will be magical.



Pisces and Aries can create a tentative, almost competitive energy due to Aries’ need to control and Pisces’ inclination to ride the waves. Pisces’ coolness and ability to nurture others may be a hard pill to take in for you, but maybe this is a different approach you should take to live in this month. Allow others to take care of you. You may be noticing it’s been a while since you’ve checked in with yourself. Reach to a loved one for a hug and a close-talk. Enlist in helpful ways that you can figure out your own emotions before you regulate them.


Seeking stability is a must for all Tauruses. The Full Moon in Pisces urges you to stop seeking external pleasures and realize the most internal reward is within yourself. Meditation will be most important for a Taurus to clear up your head, which may be buzzing with connections, ideas, and plans you may stress won't come to fruition. Relax, it'll all work out, baby.


Geminis should remove themselves from the need to be misunderstood. This season, you’ll tap into Pisces’ deep oceans that have barely been discovered, similar to your quick mind that others may not comprehend. Listen to your heart when it comes to difficult challenges. At the end of it all, only you know what’s best.


You’ll be able to get an inkling as to why people do the things they do, Cancers. Your emotional sensitivity will be heightened in this season. You feel a tendency to detach yourself from situations that others bring up when presented with two sides -- you feel for all parties! On the other hand, your own emotions may be hardest to distance from. Acting from your gut can be dangerous without some forethought.


Leos, ruled by the bright and brilliant Sun, may feel a bit off in their metaphysical Pisces realm. Relax and realize your generous light is being spread abundantly even without extra work. Use your ability to live in the present moment to gauge the energies of others around you. Jumping too quickly can be dangerous, so give yourself time to get the coolness of Earth or Water signs gives you a new perspective once in a while.


Virgos will feel the beauty of Pisces’ energy the most this season. This is a time when they may toss away their grounded, logical abilities and tap into their deeper selves. You may want to spend time alone or just in a one-on-one conversation. Take time to think about your dreams to execute the many goals you have. On the outside, you may seem like you work with machine- like, robotic quickness, but there is a pool of hopes and ideas you must go through to execute your missions. This means writing, rewriting, and scrapping. There’s a season for everything -- for rest and work.


Anyone close with a Libra already knows they walk to the beat of their drum. This Full Moon in Pisces provides a greater outlet for this sign to live in their own positive, bubbly, dreamlike world. If you’re incredibly social, keep an eye out on those who may be secretly giving you the evil eye. The electricity in the air will tell you not only what, but who you need to release from your life. While this is a good note to keep in mind for everyone, Libras may need to be extra cautious with the frequent company they tend to keep.


Scorpios will feel a deeper inclination to their perceptive nature this month. Being a stinger sign, you are often caught up in your head, either in the past or in the future. Pisces’ energy is relaying one simple message from the Universe: stop worrying because everything will work out. The element of trust and intuition is going to be a great asset for you. Listen to what your inner voice tells you in moments of peace and ride out that wave.


No more time for doubt or fear, Sagittarians. Likely, you’ve barely felt this anyway, but whatever tiny shadows of a nugget are holding you down, we can toss those away. Expand your life within the most important aspects you’d like to receive. Create a list of your priorities and see how you can turn them into achievable and manageable goals. Once you get it out on paper, you’ll notice you’re already a step closer to the dream life you’re capable of having!


For Capricorns, it can be easy to get caught up in unhealthy habits to deal with heavy emotions. Pisces energies carry a lot of powerful energy that when in combination with Capricorn’s passion can be a dangerous match to a lit fuse. Stray away from escapism in any form. And beware of the idea that escapism lies only in addictions. Anything that doesn’t serve you may seem tempting, like intense exercise, grueling work, or burying yourself away from your friends. Don’t forget that moderation will save you (even in moderation itself).


Aquarians can look forward to having a strengthened sense of confidence in their speech. You may be disregarded for your unconventional yet radical ideas. This time, it’s your opportunity to speak them out loud to the world without a damn of what they might think. Your natural ability to come up with new ideas will come across beautifully if you go with your gut at the moment. Pisces allows you to remain even more unphased by others’ opinions. Capitalize on the benefits you can gain in your friendships, career life, and home life with the execution of your brilliant mind.

This may be an incredibly sentimental time for you. Your head may feel full, almost like you’re swimming in a boiling pot. If you’re missing someone during this time, the emotions from this separation may be heightened. You may feel as if you have super-sonic psychic abilities. Lean into yourself at this moment. Cleansing your environment can remove the negative energies around you. Setting your intentions and removing your bad vibes with some sage smoke can help considerably.

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