Super Full Moon in Scorpio

Super Full Moon in Scorpio

The Full Moon in Scorpio: Secrets Revealed

A time to purge what no longer serves you.

This 2021 full moon in Scorpio is happening on April 26th. Scorpio is a sign of mystery and bringing secrets out of the woodwork. This full moon will be bringing heavy lessons to learn. You may need to be more aware moving forward because this Scorpio full moon is about everything that is hidden. Scorpio can commonly be about facing a lot of negativity and darkness through purging what no longer serves you. This can also be a really emotional time. 

The sun for this full moon is in Taurus which prefers stability and security. The sun is also very close to being in conjunction to Uranus, which is an unpredictable and rebellious planet. This aspect of this full moon can bring forth some upsets and surprises. Uranus wanted you to break out of whatever limiting beliefs or situations are keeping you from growing or are holding you back. 

This can be a really positive time full of blessings in disguise. With a lot of hard work focused toward letting go of these responsibilities or obligations that are holding you back can catapult you toward a more positive day to day. So, get ready to look at the areas of your life you may have buried and face them head on. This is a time of purging the old to make room for the new. 


How will this Scorpio full moon affect you personally?


Rising in SCORPIO: 1st House

If your rising is in Scorpio, the full moon falls in your first house. You may feel the need to seek attention from external sources. You work does not go unnoticed even if you may feel that to be the case. Find balance in your life between independence and dependence during the full moon as well as take care of yourself and put your needs and desires at the forefront of your actions during this time. 

This could be a time all about home, family and even real estate. Maybe it is time to move and change your environment completely? Maybe you’ve been really consumed about repairs on your home or making your rent or mortgage payment. This is a time to face these responsibilities head on. This will not necessarily be easy. 

This could also mean a focus on relationships and situations seemingly coming out of left field around the end of the month. Therefore, if you are currently dating someone, something big and new might be on the way. If you aren’t dating, this could be a new type of business relationship is going to hit a dramatic peak at the end of the month. 


Rising in LIBRA: 2nd House

If your rising is in Libra, the Scorpio full moon lands in your second house. This could indicate that a dramatic financial situation is definitely wrapping up toward the end of the month. You may have been focusing on control and even shared finances. You need to take a step back and out a finger on what you need to feel comfortable. You need to find balance in your intimate relationships. Is there an inequality in what you give and receive? You need to find your comfort zone and express your needs and worries openly while not ignoring the needs of others. Maybe this money for this situation came out of nowhere and you are Struggling to figure out how exactly to handle it. This could also indicate some sort of fulfillment creatively and feeling as though you are getting back on track in regard to your goals. Because you feel balanced financially, it has opened the door for feeling better about putting time toward creative pursuits. 


Rising in VIRGO: 3rd House

If your rising is in Virgo, the Scorpio full moon falls in your third house of communication. The run of the mill activities of life may feel daunting and you may have possibly put off a lot of these tasks, yet this moon is the time they are rising back to the surface. Complete these mundane activities so you can focus on the fun, spontaneous and adventurous aspects of life. 

This could indicate a dramatic unveiling around siblings or even education. Maybe you are going to receive news that is coming from a very dramatic space. This could also revolve around your job. It could be time to get a new job and find one that does not make you insane or you need more specific job training to focus on.


Rising in LEO: 4th House

If your rising is in Leo, the Scorpio full moon falls in your fourth house of property and family. A big dramatic reveal might be underway. Your career and public perception are at the forefront of your mind while your personal life is demanding attention as well. Balancing these two aspects of your like is crucial because you may find you’ve spread yourself too thin without that balance. Family, home or property may also catch your eye during this period. 

 This is not necessarily food or bad, but definitely some sort of truthful reveal is coming to the surface. You need to find more balance within family relationships during this time as well. Make sure these reveals do not disrupt how things are running smoothly. If they do cause some friction, this is the time to balance it. 


Rising in CANCER: 5th House

If your rising is in Cancer, then the Scorpio full moon falls in your fifth house of self-expression and emotion. You may feel like you no longer have time for fun as you work toward accomplishing your goals. We can’t always find time for everything, but it is important that you make time to express yourself creatively. Maybe you are called to complete a creative project or express yourself to a lover. Either way, find out how you can express yourself during this time. 

 You could be bringing on some dramatic romance or general drama into your life at this time. Maybe you are realizing something about your partner. Whether this time is you pouring your heart out romantically or pouring it into a creative pursuit, you need to find balance in these two arenas. 


Rising in GEMINI: 6th House

If your rising is in Gemini, the Scorpio full moon falls in your 6th house focused on well-being. The full moon passing through your sixth house reveals a time of proclaiming to make a big change in an area of your life that makes you unhappy. Sometimes this means you are going to quit drinking or smoking cigarettes. Maybe you want to eat healthier and exercise more. Try not to blame others for these bad habits. Instead, use this energy to make the changes you know will improve your life. 

Maybe you are releasing something physically, like through a yoga practice or some type of balancing physical activity. This house focuses on your day-to-day physical activity. If you are not balancing sleep, health, and exercise, this is a great opportunity to do so. 


Rising in TAURUS: 7th House

If your rising is in Taurus, the Scorpio full moon falls in your seventh house. This house focuses on relationships that are one on one. This is a time to compromise as well as negotiate.

This is a time to focus on the other people in your life. There could be some dramatic reveal around a relationship at this time. Something could really be coming to light. You could confess your love for someone or ask someone out and there is an immediate spark. This house can also bring forth closures in these areas as well. Therefore, if you ae dealing with a difficult end to a relationship, you may be able to find closure and peace at this time. 


Rising in ARIES: 8th House

If your rising is in Aries, the full moon in Scorpio falls in your eighth house around a balance in give and take financially. This house is all about balance between your needs and the needs of those around you. It is also a good time to settle financial issues or pay off any debts. 

This may feel a little startling which can cause some anxiety as though something financially is on your way to you, but it makes you feel nervous, as though a large sum of money is coming your way. Thankfully, this is a good time to invest or pay off any debts that may be lingering. 


Rising in PISCES: 9th House

If your rising is in Pisces, the Scorpio full moon falls in your 9th house which can bring a very dramatic high point involving an energetic release. This house represents your adventurous side rising to the surface after some time of purely planned and logical thinking. Take that leap of faith!

This could bring forth an ending and you are possibly resistant and do not want things to end this way. All you need to do is find balance and take a step back to look at the bigger picture. Don’t obsess over the little things and know that all will be ok. 


Rising in AQUARIUS: 10th House

If your rising sign is in Aquarius, then the Scorpio full moon falls in your 10th house of career and public image. The tenth house is the house of public recognition. Maybe everyone is paying attention to your during this moon. You may be called to perform, possibly on a whim, but you should stay calm and do whatever you can to move forward with grace. A job opportunity might present itself as well as some home and property matters. You may need to take charge during this time.

This could indicate closing a career chapter in your life. You are striving for better and deserve better. This is a time to really figure out who you are and invest in some true emotional work into your professional life and overall career journey. Where do you want to go?


Rising in CAPRICORN: 11th House

If your rising is in Capricorn, the Scorpio full moon falls in your 11th house. This house focuses on the role you feel you play in the lives around you. Maybe this means you will embark on a humanitarian journey because it truly fulfills you. 

There could be some drama with friends and family, possibly related to a romantic interest. Some true colors will be revealed around some friend groups or the people you have been spending time with. Find balance between yourself and the people in your life. You deserve care just as much as those around you and everything you do for others could give you some extra karmic positivity. 

Rising in SAGITTARIUS: 12th House
If your rising is in Sagittarius, this Scorpio full moon falls in 12th house. This house brings forth balance. If you have been sinking deeper into your isolated work routine, you need to find time for activities outside of this schedule.  This is a great time to do some self-reflection and tap into some repressed emotions and their sources. 

This is a time of stepping aside and taking a time out. In Scorpio, this could show a dramatic peak in mental health struggles or possibly even self-destructive behavior. Maybe this is a time of letting go of dependent behaviors and finding your ability to stand tall on your own. 

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