The 2021 New Moon in Cancer And What That Means for Your Sign

The 2021 New Moon in Cancer And What That Means for Your Sign

This new moon in Cancer is coming our way on July 9th. Leading up to this day you may be feeling heightened emotions. Cancer is a water sign and is known as one of the more emotionally charged signs among the zodiac signs. How you are perceiving the world around you can feel very subjective during this New Moon.

Here are the ways in which this Cancer new moon will affect your sign specifically. ARIES

The sun and moon fall in on the area of home, property and family during this new moon. It is time for a fresh start and a time to feel secure and plant your roots somewhere you feel safe. Take a step back from the hectic day to day tasks and ask yourself about your goals. How are your goals affecting your emotional needs? With this new moon, figure out how you can move forward within your current environment while keeping an eye on how you nurture yourself and everyone around you.


The Cancer New Moon affects Taurus’s in the area of communication, siblings and environments. It is time to observes how you have been communication and learning during this time. How are you expressing yourself to others? How have been desiring to connect? Who do you see sticking by your side during your life’s adventures?


This Cancer New Moon affects Gemini’s in the realm of finances. This is a time to zero in on what you possess from your belongings to your home, to your income. This is a time to focus on where your efforts around spending and saving live. Now is the time to take a step forward regarding any goals you may have around your own possessions or assets.


The Cancer New Moon affects Cancers in health, character, and personality. You are allowed a fresh start with this new moon residing in your home sign. How do you support your own presence and independence during your day to day? You tend to give a lot of yourself to those around you. Remember that it is ok to give time for yourself as well.


The Cancer New Moon affects Leo’s in the world of our unconscious behaviors and dreams. It is time to focus on how you feel around the unknown. How do you react to a misunderstanding?

Can you fully surrender? Now, you can take time to dream and find a space in this realm where you feel at peace. Find a balance between social exploration and internal exploration.


The Cancer New Moon affects Virgo’s in the realm of your social network. Now is the time to focus on your collaborative efforts. Where are your humanitarian efforts focused on? Where are you drawn to contribute to the greater good?


The Cancer New Moon affects Libra’s in their areas of ambition and public perception. Now is the time to be recognized for your hard work. Validation is coming and hold onto your confident demeanor. This is a time to plant some ideas around how you want your future to unfold.


The Cancer New Moon affects Scorpio’s around expanding your mind. Now is the time for increasing your knowledge. You may feel drawn to improving personally and finding the truth in the world. Are you open to hearing a point of view that may differ from yours? Now is the time to broaden your mind.


The Cancer New Moon affects Sagittarius’s around finances and investments. Where is your energy being directed at this time? This moon really focuses on where you tend to stay safe and comfortable in regard to financial affairs.


The Cancer New Moon affects Capricorn’s around romantic and platonic relationships. Now is the time to ask yourself what your goals around relationships are. Now is the time to be proactive and blaze forward within your relationships. Where can you improve and where can you grow?


The Cancer New Moon affects Aquarius’s around overall wellness. How can you improve your overall health during your day to day? Now is the time to set intentions around your work and employment for your overall wellness. Figure out where there is room for improvement. Where are you in need of support?


The Cancer New Moon affects Pisces around creativity, passion, and children. Zero in on your interests during this time. Where can you truly express yourself? Figure out how you can satisfy any passions and desires you have rumbling about in your mind.

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