March 2021 Full Moon in Libra

March 2021 Full Moon in Libra

The 2021 Full Moon in Libra

What this means and what can you do? The full moon is a time of nourishment. It heightens everything you have been working on during the previous moon phases. This March 28th, a full moon occurs in Libra. This is the time to fulfill the intentions you set during the new moon.  Libra is a sign that is looking for balance, commitment and healing. Locate below your Rising Sign and the description attached is what house Libra energy is trying to find balance for you. 



This full moon in Libra brings relationships into the forefront of our minds. Libra energy is always striving for balance and harmony, but this is unfortunately not always what Libra energy gets in regard to intimate relationships. This is a great time to examine the intricacies of your close relationships and get real about talking through your issues before they get any more confusing. Libra's charming energy will grant all of us some extra diplomacy and grace when it comes to navigating full moon conversations, so it's a good time to bring up any emotional issues that require sensitivity to tackle. Most decisions made during the full moon are motivated by heightened emotions over logic or rational thought. For example, these growing emotions could cause you to finally snap at that coworker who has been getting under your skin, or you may finally lose your cool and up and quit that job you hate. Seeking a middle ground and a balance is the best way to make it through these trepidatious times. 


This full moon occurring right before spring is the ideal moon to open up to more positive days. If you find yourself suffering from seasonal affective disorder or any feelings of depression, this is a great energy to utilize in strengthening your own power. 



When the full moon falls in your second house, it can bring up feelings around money, family, assets and even property. This is a time of focusing on budget, your belongings and focusing on your income. Maybe this is a time to make a purchase you have been putting off or saving for. Maybe you pay off some lingering debt. On another aspect, if you have felt like you are under the control of someone else financially, this is the time to break free. 



When the full moon takes place in your third house, it can evolve as a change in your environment. Generally, this is an improvement or completion of a project. Everything is going well at home. This is also the house of communication. Maybe your core group of friends over shares information, or you manage to communicate and smooth over a past drama with a sibling. 



The fourth house focuses on family, home and security. When the full moon occurs in your fourth house, this can bring out an urge to open up.  If you have been working insanely hard, it is time to find balance. Hard work is a good thing, but balance is even more important. This can also be a good time to reevaluate your familial relationships and put some time and energy into them if they are not functioning as you would like. 



The fifth house focuses on self-expressions so you may be feeling heightened emotions at this time. This may be a good time to express yourself creatively or have a deep conversation with a loved one. This is also time to find balance between social groups and yourself. It is not one or the other but balancing the time you give yourself and the time you give your friends is key. 



When the full moon falls in your sixth house, the curtains can be drawn open over your mind. You can see yourself in a true light, noting your flaws and great qualities. When you are able to recognize your flaws, you can embark on a journey to work on them. This is a great time to take better care of yourself in your day-to-day routine. Drink water, exercise, eat healthy food and get some sleep. 



If the full moon falls in your seventh house, it is time to extend a hand and lend emotional support to those around you.  This house can also bring forth closure. If a relationship has slowly been ending, rest assured that this is the right time and the right decision. 



Balance is key and finding the balance between give and take during this full moon is the focus for those who fall in the eighth house. Whichever way you lean, giving too much without taking and taking too much without giving is not a good way to live. If you are not taking, the universe cannot give you all of the wonderful things you deserve. It is also a good time to focus on finances and paying off debts. 



Travel, study, legal matter and personal growth are some of the focuses of the ninth house. If you have been spiraling about the little things, take a breath and take a break. Look at the bigger picture and don’t consume yourself with the small things. Take a step out of your routine during this time. 



If you have been isolating yourself, the full moon falling in your tenth house is the time you might be thrown out of the darkness and into the spotlight. It is time to focus on your professional endeavors. You are taken care of and professionally succeeding. 



The full moon in your eleventh house focuses on balance between self-indulgence and indulging those you love. Do good for those around you during this time and that goodness just might circle back to you someday. 



If you have felt spread too thin and crazy busy, the full moon in your twelfth house is the time for a breather. Meditate, go on peaceful walks, or practice yoga. Do things that calm the mind and the body. 




Clear Your Energy

The full moon energy is incredibly powerful, so making sure you clear yourself of negative energy and low vibrations is ideal. Utilizing some sage to clear the energy is a great tool. This is known as smudging. Smudging is the process of energetically cleansing space to make room for positive energy to flow in. This is a great way to set a solid foundation for any moon ritual. Smudging is a traditional Native and earth-based ceremony. In addition to negative energy, it is known to remove attached spirits. 

To Smudge properly, burn the end of a dried sage bundle and let the smoke flow around the areas you would like to cleanse. You can also set an intention while doing so, sending all energy into the light and asking for a nice warm light of protection around you and your energy. 

Once done, open up your doors and windows to let the smokey air out and allow for the new fresh air to flow in. You can even go to the center of your home and set an intention for this new cleansed energy.


Let Go

This is a time to release what no longer serves you. Letting go of these habits, feelings, energies, thought patterns and sometimes people make room for the good to enter your life. The phase after the full moon is known as the waning phase. This phase symbolizes closing chapters and/or reaching a goal. Generally, these goals you reach are the goals that you set during the New Moon. Write down your manifestations and goals to really lock them in. 


Bathing Rituals

The skin appears to be more absorbent during the full moon making bathing and skin care very important. Draw a bath and utilize essential oils and bath salts to help pull out toxins from the body. This will not only help cleanse the body, but by relaxing the mind, you can clean out the mental energy as well. 



Journaling is a great way to set intentions as well as purge ourselves of emotions that may be weighing us down. During the full moon a lot of repressed emotions may rise to the surface and journaling is a way to work through them rather than shutting them out once more. You can even take the paper these writings have been scribbled on and burn it, releasing it back into the ether and away from you.



Clearing the energy in our physical space is just as important as clearing your mind. By implementing. Meditation practice during the full moon is a great way to supercharge your intentions and set yourself up for the next moon phase on a grounded and peaceful footing. 

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