The New Moon in Aquarius

The New Moon in Aquarius

What This Placement Means for You

The Aquarius New Moon

This new moon in Aquarius is most likely not passing through unnoticed. This new moon also takes place on the same day as a very special Jupiter and Venus Conjunction. This Conjunction aids in the positivity that may radiate from this New Moon. Generally, in a conjunction such as this, love lives come into focus. Jupiter can also bring forth abundance regarding money, love, and fulfillment and being in the sign of Aquarius, these blessings may feel completely unexpected or unique.

Aquarius is generally a sign of contraction. Ruled by Saturn, a planet dedicated to Karma, promotes old school thinking according to traditional astrology. However, in a more modern interpretation, this is more dedicated to sudden changes or reveals. How this new moon in Aquarius affects everyone different depending on the placement in their own birth chart. Below, each of the placements and their focuses have been described so you can better understand how this moon will affect you.

The First House

If you have a new moon placement in this house reveals a period to work on some personal reinvention. Maybe you want to change the way you dress, look or express yourself. You might feel more excited and energized with a drive to change your patterns to improve your self-confidence. Be brave and be open to new experiences.

The Second House

When the new moon falls in this house, it can reveal a time of financial focus. Money and possessions are the prime energy direction of this new moon. Financial issues might come to light during this moon. Try setting attainable financial goals and budgets during this time. This is also a good time to increase your income in some way, shape or form.

The Third House

This is the house of communication. If the new moon falls in this house, you can expect a general increase in your busy level. You might be communicating with more people day to day. Despite the business, this is a great time to try and learn a new skill because any social anxieties you might feel have melted away.

The Fourth House

This is the house of home, family and property. If the new moon falls into this house, note that this is a time to pay attention to your gut and figure out what makes you feel secure and safe. Intimacy issues and feeling extra vulnerable might rise to the surface as well. This might be a good time to plan a remodel of your home or do a deep clean.

The Fifth House

Ready to get creative? If the new moon falls in the fifth house, expect a wave of inspiration regarding your creative pursuits. Romance might also rise to the surface, omitting a playful and child-like innocence. You may be on the edge of your seat in need of external approval, but you might also be feeling more brave and bold than you normally are during this time.

The Sixth House

If the new moon falls in your sixth house, this is the perfect time to focus on your health. Starting a new health routine will be more successful if initiated during this time. This is also a time where you may feel motivated to sort through your life and pave out peace throughout your many endeavors.

The Seventh House

If the new moon falls in your seventh house, it is a good time to network, build new relationships and even sign contracts. Redefine existing relationships or forge new ones during this time, whether socially or professionally. You may find that you desire someone to lean on and a support system during this time as well.

The Eighth House

If the new moon falls in your eighth house it is a good time to focus on intimacy and your own personal motivations. It can also be a great time to implement a savings or financial plan. Possibly even a time to consolidate debt with a loan or focus on some accounting work.

The Nineth House

The nineth house rules our urge to explore and move beyond our norm. If the new moon falls in this house, you may feel unsettles and bored with your usual day to day. This is a good time to change things up. Start a new activity or go on a spontaneous adventure.

The Tenth House

If the new moon falls in your tenth house it will zero in on your career goals. During this phase you may feel booked solid in your career or public needs. You may find a new sense of excitement toward your career as well. It is also a good time to do some self-reflection regarding the persona that you present in professional settings.

The Eleventh House

The eleventh house is very strongly connected to friends, networking and dreams. With a new moon landing in this house, it is a good time to focus on reaching out to others in a social setting and professional setting. Make goals around networking, connections, and group activities during this time.

The Twelfth House

The twelfth house revolves around some positive isolation and alone time. Recharge your batteries and relax during this period. This restful period is a time to prepare for a more active new moon coming up in the first house.

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