The New Moon in Aries: Take Action. Be Bold.

The New Moon in Aries: Take Action. Be Bold.

Get ready for a reset in the areas of love and abundance in your life

The Aries new moon takes place on April 11th, 2021 at 7:30pm Pacific Standard Time. This is the first new moon of the astrological calendar. The sun and moon are at 22 degrees of Aries. Venus is at 26 degrees of Aries leaving all three planets in the third Decan. For all our Tarot fans…Four of Wands is in the air. 

This is a Venus ruled Decan which is poignant because Aries is a Mars ruled sign. Venus provides a bit of comfort in these remaining moments of this Mars ruled sign. Venus is actually exiled in Aries, exiled meaning outside of its comfort zone. This is because Venus actually rules the opposing sign to Aries which is Libra.

This does not mean all doom and gloom. This is more of an element of discomfort accompanied by a need to readjust and go with the flow because Venus desires harmony and unity. Because this new moon is in Aries, Venus is trying to achieve harmony through impulsive action. Libra can be indecisive, and Aries can be impulsive and move too quickly, sometimes in a harmful manner. 

With Venus in Aries, it is trying to bring everyone together through action that is unified, brave and bold. In fact, the Four of Wands tarot card actually shows somewhat of being stuck in celebration in its image. The image shows one singular win but being stuck in that space of celebration. Like almost as if you cannot leave the celebratory party and that you are so overjoyed by this brave move you made that you cannot move on and make more progress. Sort of like you are unconsciously settling where you are. The best way to describe this is those who have 5 minutes of fame. Whether they become famous because they had one charting song or acted in one popular film, they hold onto that accomplishment and cannot let it go. 

During this new moon in Aries, Mercury is at 14 degrees, which means it is still in the second Decan. It hasn’t quite caught up to the rest. This leaves Mercury a little bit on the side lines, however, it is still important to be aware of communication during this time. Mercury is known for being the culprit behind blurting things out when unnecessary. Specifically for this new moon focusing on new ideas, maybe it is a good idea to keep an eye on how communicative of that idea you are.

For example, if you are trying to manifest something and you tell all of your friends about it, the energy in that idea and manifestation leaks away. You don’t need to keep secrets, but using your discretion is advised during this period. When this energy is sucked out of these ideas and manifestations you can either lose interest in the idea or the world jumps in and halts progress. The best-case scenario would be someone holding you accountable for this idea and lighting a fire under you to make sure you get the work done instead of talking about it once and then… poof… never again. Mercury also rules short - term state to state travel so perhaps if your goal has anything to do with travel or movement be aware that energetically short term travel… is quick but also gossip is even quicker.

There is a lovely Jupiter Mars trine around here as well. Jupiter is at 25 degrees with Aquarius trining mars at 23 degrees of Gemini. This is one of the most powerful type of aspects in astrology. This signifies a balance between our long-term goals and the day-to-day small steps we are taking to achieve them. Jupiter in Aquarius becomes a very optimistic area. It encourages clear planning, checklists and steps needed to achieve these long-term goals. It is realistic about these goals but ultimately very determined. Mars in Gemini on the other hand is the part that really gets down and dirty to complete these day-to-day tasks. This is a really powerful and lovely connection for that long term goal as it motivates us to start taking those practical steps to lead us directly to what we are dreaming of as well as exactly how to get there. 

Hopping back to Venus in Aries for a moment, it is actually square in Pluto by 26 degrees. 26 Aries and 26 Capricorn. Harmony is greatly desired by Venus and Aries, but there is this independent, superhuman type of energy coming out of it. With Pluto in a powerful position, there is a ramp this energy up and expand on it. This could come across in a way where you are trying to put a plan together for yourself, but you are unaware that you are being guided and possibly misdirected by an outside source. There may even be some sexual tension in this power play. Just try to be aware and figure out if you are truly working from a solo place or are you simply being lead astray by those who would rather see you fall. Aries is a very direct, sharp and blunt sign. Don’t let your manifestations be diluted and don’t rely on others to get this hard work done for you so you can achieve your goals. 

New moons over all represent beginning something new or starting a new project. This is generally how new moons operate across the board. This new moon can have feelings of being more in love with the idea of doing something than actually doing it. Which is very counter intuitive for an Aries. We are so proud of ourselves for having this idea at all that the sense of accomplishment from the idea alone, holds us in one place. So, how can we harness this energy and make it more beneficial for us? 

Take your idea. Set a plan of motion. This New Moon in Aries manifestation should be what you want to bring to life this astrological YEAR. New moons are very internal periods with a hint of darkness lingering around. This is about truly meaningful moments and ideas that will leave a mark on your life and on the world, not just a surface celebration that you won’t remember ten years from now.

This New Moon is about planning your astrological year out. Aries is calling you to take action, Venus is calling you to fuel and grow something that you love, Mercury wants your communication to be limited to a small group until the idea has reached fruition, Jupiter blesses it with long term abundance and growth. Mars gives you plenty of action for your day to day tasks required to complete the journey and finally Pluto is making a power play. Insisting that you are cautious of those around you ensuring that you double down on your dream. 

You are setting the center stage for the rest of the year, this astrologer suggests you plan out your intentions and each new moon going forward you reset and include these same intentions until they manifest altering them slightly until they have come to you. Using each Full Moon to leave behind anything in your way. 


How will this Aries new moon affect you personally?


Rising in Aries: 1st House

The new moon in Aries lands in your first house, which represents a new beginning around self-identity. This is a very vulnerable and empowered time similar to accepting yourself for who you are. Venus in your first house will make you feel attractive and peaceful with a kind energy. With Venus squaring Pluto in Capricorn, there may be some sort of power play or power dynamic with someone in a position of power. However, this may positively impact your manifestations and open up doors and opportunities you did not have available to you before. This is an energy recharge for your next 12 months, don’t take it for granted. 


Rising in Pisces: 2nd House


The new moon in Aries falls in your second house of new beginnings involving money and finances. This looks more like it is a new way you could be making money or bringing in wealth. With Venus in Aries, this is a very positive financial indicator showing major abundance attraction for the year to come. However, with Venus squaring Pluto in Capricorn, there could be pressure from social circles, organizations or groups who are guiding you to get this money in a less direct way. Practice grounding techniques and keep your mental health a priority during this time. Money is energy. Raise your vibration to match that of money and you’ll attract it in with ease the whole year. 


Rising in Aquarius: 3rd House


This Aries new moon falls in your third house of new beginnings around communication, such as writing or travel. Almost like you have been ruminating on these ideas and motivations. Venus and Aries in your third house indicated productivity is off kilter for you as it is squaring Pluto in Capricorn. There may be a disconnect between schedules and routine, but a strong desire for that structure. Work toward a strong sense of commitment and responsibility. Focus on what you want and who can help you get there. Just ask… and you shall receive. 


Rising in Capricorn: 4th House


The new moon in Aries falls in your fourth house of new beginnings around family and property. This is a well-placed, rumination period. Maybe you are starting a new family, settling down, or even renovating your home. With Venus in the fourth house, this could mean a creative project is underway. With Venus squaring Pluto in Capricorn, you are taking control of a situation. If things at home haven’t been going well then now is the time to make things right, speak up, sort things out. The New Moon is asking you to take action this year in relation to your roots, family and home. 


Rising in Sagittarius: 5th House


The Aries new moon falls in your fifth house of new beginnings around children, romance, creativity and FUN. This is a very uplifting and creative energy. This energy indicates feeling ready for romantic connections or even to create something that means something, with Venus in your fifth house. The skies are strongly suggesting that this astrological year can be one for taking. What can you do too inch closer to the things you actually want?


Rising in Scorpio: 6th House


The Aries new moon falls in your sixth house of new beginnings around coworkers or physical health. This may be embarking on a new fitness journey or heightening your relations around your co-workers. Venus in your sixth house squaring Pluto and Capricorn suggests creating peace in your own health balance or with a coworker. This year long theme will work itself out best if you set intentions and a plan that’ll cater to a better health routine and a work environment with peers or clients that allows you the best mental health moving forward. 


Rising in Libra: 7th House


The Aries new moon falls in your seventh house of new beginnings in close relationships, partners, or even contracts. This could mean meeting someone and feeling an instant connection. This could be romantic or business related. With Venus in the seventh house, this indicates peace and a lot of positivity to come out of these close relationships. However, these relationships could be bringing on friction with some manipulative force possibly from family. Allowing a partner or creative projects to provide power right now is ideal. If you are already in a relationship then this year is looking like significant growth towards each other despite others trying to break you down or if you already have a business then this indicates exponential growth. Plan your intentions accordingly. 


Rising in Virgo: 8th House


The new moon in Aries falls in your eighth house of new beginnings regarding financial investments or shared resources and the world of taboo. Maybe you’re setting up an investment of some sort. Because Venus is in your eighth house, peace and harmony accompany this energy, but with Pluto in the fifth house, it could be delayed gratification. Career goals could be aligned with this positive energy but so can your sex life. This year looks like a combo for you and your intentions can reflect that. 


Rising in Leo: 9th House


The Aries new moon falls in your nineth house of new beginnings of long-term travel plans such as moving abroad and adventure. With Venus in the nineth house, this brings peaceful and joyful energy to these ideas or plans. If you are planning on starting something new, perhaps an adventure that you have been longing to do or one that’ll put you front and center - now is the time to set those intentions a blaze. This year is bringing you significant luck surrounding both your adventures and your travel plans. 


Rising in Cancer: 10th House


The Aries new moon falls in your tenth house of new beginnings and empowered career changes and your public image. Maybe you are starting something new and feeling strong in your field of work. Venus in your tenth house promotes harmony in the workplace. However, with Venus squaring Pluto in Capricorn in the seventh house, there could be some elements of manipulation in the workplace as well - basically someones salty. However, things seem to land positively regarding finances and overall monetary security. Your intentions this year should be around a career or public view glow up - get it. 


Rising in Gemini: 11th House


The Aries new moon falls in your eleventh house of new beginnings regarding friend, groups or  networking but most importantly your wishes. This is a great time to marinate a creative project, muster up the ideal friend group, imagine and plan out your network OR realize that the things you have been wishing for are front and center. With Venus in your eleventh house, this is exploding with creative, abundant, positive energy. Maybe even these groups are helping you achieve your creative goals. The square in Pluto? Don’t even sweat it. Your intentions, if it were me, which lol it is cause Gemini Rising here, would be surrounded solely by all the things you WISH to have and how they will manifest this year. Sky is the limit… take action and go forth. 


Rising in Taurus: 12th House

The Aries new moon falls in your twelfth house of new beginnings around energy and internal work. Self-work, therapy and mental health management are strong here for the year. Possibly digging deep for the motivation to leave behind self-destructive behaviors. This is also your house of karma and spirituality so take this theme and set intentions to reach new levels of spiritual oneness this year and perhaps facing that karma that you’ve been avoiding for a while.

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