The Six Clair-Talents and Their Meanings

The Six Clair-Talents and Their Meanings

The Six Clair-Talents and Their Meanings

Pop Culture is talking all about how they “listen to their gut” or how they “just had a bad feeling” about going to a certain location or about a new person who entered their lives.

Well, that feeling is intuition and everybody has it.

Intuition is a simple element of knowingness about things that haven’t happened yet or that you couldn’t know otherwise. There are six different types of Clair-Senses or Clair-Talents that everyone can tap into and some have naturally stronger abilities in than others.

Spiritual information is constantly being broadcast around us just like radio waves and all we have to do is figure out how to tune ourselves to the right frequency to tap into it and then interpret the information being received through one of the six Clair-Talents. Just like everything in life, some people have stronger senses than others, so figuring out which “frequency” of the radio you tap into most is the best way to hone your abilities.

The Clair-Senses, specifically, are types of psychic abilities that connect to the with the five senses of sight, taste, smell, sound and sense with the addition of thought. To better help you figure out which Clair-Talent and Clair-Sense is strongest within you, below the six sense have been described and explained.

1. Clairvoyance: Clear-Seeing

Clairvoyance or “Clear-Seeing” is one of the more well known Clair-Talents, as it is the most utilized in mainstream media. This Clair-talent encapsulates visions or images of the past, present and future through flashes in our mind’s eye (or the third eye) which can come off similar to a day dream. Many, and specifically creatives, are visual people. Most people understand a concept being taught to them best after it is sketched out or pictured right in front of them. Visual people are often artists, designers, painters, photographers etc.

2. Clairaudience: Clear-Hearing

Clairaudience or “Clear-Hearing” is the ability to hear sounds, music, and words in our minds that are being downloaded from the spirit realm. Similar to how those of clairvoyance abilities can see things in their minds eye, those with clairaudience hear these messages within their mind the same as clairvoyants picture in their third eye. Those whose strengths lay in Clear-Hearing are often auditory learners. They need to hear a concept to understand it, they can’t just look at it. Many Clairaudients are very talented musicians, singers, writers and public speakers.

3. Clairsentience: Clear-Feeling

Clairsentience or “Clear-Feeling” involves absorbing a person’s or spirit’s emotions. They can also sometimes feel someone else’s physical pain. This is where that “gut feeling” is most present, making this one of the most comment Clair-Talents that many people are unaware they even have. Having chills about a person or sensing whether a situation is positive or negative with out a rhyme or reason is someone being clairsentient. ClearFeeling individuals make for great healers and caregivers because of how in tune they are with their own feelings and all of the feelings around them. Many Clairsentients are often doctors, therapists, or teachers.

4. Clairalience: Clear-Smelling

Clairalience or “Clear-Smelling” involves, you guessed it, the sense of smell. Those with strength in this ability often smell odors that are not coming from a physical source around them. For example, suddenly smelling cigarette smoke when you nor do any of your neighbors smoke, but your great aunt, who recently passed, smoked a lot, is a situation of clairalience. Smelling the perfume that your grandma wore is also another example. Someone with clairalience is also very hyper aware of physical smells around them. They may be particularly triggered by smells whether they indicate a past memory or trigger a feeling. Many clairalients tend to work in a field the relies on smell such as fragrance worker in a perfume shop, florist, or even a wine taster.

5. Clairgustance: Clear-Tasting

Clairgustance or “Clear-Tasting” is the ability to taste things that are not there. This sense often hits someone like a ton of bricks. If your recently passed grandma always made you garlic mac n’ cheese, you may be wandering around your home and BAM, suddenly you taste her famous garlic mac n’ cheese out of seemingly nowhere. This would be an example of downloading a message from spirit through clairgustance. Obviously those of clairgustance are drawn to careers involving food such as chefs and bakers.

6. Claircognizance: Clear-Knowing

Lastly, claircognizance or “Clear-Knowing” is when someone simply knows things that there is no way they could have known. Spirit might pop something into your mind seemingly out of the blue. An example of this would be a premonition or forewarning of an event that will happen in the future, whether good or bad. ClearKnowing relies heavily on a lot of faith in spirit for why and how they suddenly know something they shouldn’t know. Many philosophers, doctors, professors, and spiritual leaders are claircognizant.

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