5 Crystal Shapes and Their Meanings

5 Crystal Shapes and Their Meanings

5 Crystal Shapes and Their Meanings

Not only are they visually appealing, but crystals are a wonderful source of spiritual energy and healing. There are many different types of crystals as well a range in meaning and energetic focus. On top of color and type, the shape of a crystal also has an effect on how it emits energy and how it works in amplifying your energetic intention.

After researching the hundreds of types of crystals that are out there and figuring out which one is best for you at this time, it can then be a challenging decision picking which shape within that one type of stone is best suited for you. With so many different types of crystal shapes, picking one can feel like an uphill battle. Listed below are five of the main crystal shapes and their meanings to help beginners and longtime crystal enthusiasts alike differentiate their crystals and better pick the shape that will benefit them and their spiritual needs.

  • Pyramids

Pyramid crystals have triangle sides and a square base. Ancient Egyptians believed that pyramids represented rays of sunshine. The basic shape of a pyramid relies on a strong base which makes pyramid stones best for anchoring and directing energies. A crystal in the pyramid shape is a great choice for your manifesting needs by amplifying the energy within the crystal, zeroing in on your intentions, and raising vibrations. Smaller crystal pyramids can also aid in chakra balancing when placed on the body.

  • Spheres

A crystal sphere is sculped into its smooth shape, promoting an evenly distributed energy field. A sphere brings balancing and calming energies to its environment. They can also level out negative energies that hang in the air. Spheres will generally need a stand of some sort to sit in one place. They can also act as a great meditation partner, providing a sense of wholeness in its resemblance of the entire world with its round shape. 

  • Tumbles

Tumbled stones are a great place for one to begin venturing down the path of crystals in their spiritual journey. Being the most common stone, they are cut into chunked shapes and polished to smooth their edges, giving this stone a wide variety of energetic purpose.  You can carry a tumbled stone with you in your purse or pocket, place them on the body for chakra balancing, or leave them around the home to balance the overall energy. 

  • Wand

Wand Crystals are one of the larger crystal options to choose from and they tend to be a bit more on the expensive side due to their size. These powerful crystals have been faceted into a point, somewhat like very long pyramids. These crystals are used to direct energies to the chakras or the aura for healing. They are sometimes called Massage Wands. The largest end of the wand is used to ward off negative energies or low vibrations. While generally used for healing work, these can also be used for meditative purposes.  

  • Heart

Heart Crystals are simply any crystal that is cut and polished into the shape of a heart. With their not so surprising attraction of love and loving energies, these crystals are great for focusing heart opening intentions and attracting love from others as well as nourishing yourself with loving vibrations. 

  • Clusters

A Cluster-Crystal is a group of crystals that have formed or grown together in a group or a cluster. It possesses many points emerging from the base of the crystal. Cluster-Crystals come in different sizes. There are Cluster-Crystals that are only less than an inch tall, while there are some that are more than a foot, or more. Cluster-Crystals are used for meditation and healing purposes. They can expand the mind to reach the spirit world.

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