New Moon in Taurus

New Moon in Taurus

What are the best ways to tune into the Taurus New Moon? 

1. Make a financial plan

One of the most obvious, and perhaps helpful, things to do at the time of the New Moon in Taurus is to take a long hard look at your financial situation. Cash, property and possessions are all in focus at this time of the year. Money is really not a dirty word, unless you make it one, so have a think about where you stand financially now, versus where you’d like to be by the end of the year. Can you increase the amount of money that you set aside as savings each week?

2. Love yourself

One of the big issues to work on around this time is your self worth. Think about what you value in yourself and what you value at large. If you don’t value yourself, it stands to reason that other people are unlikely to do so either. Make a list of the top 5 things you value most. Are you living your life in a way that allows you to focus on these things? If not, what can you do about it? Tip: the answer is not ‘nothing’.

3. Be sensual

This is also a wonderful time to relax, if you can. Taurus may be a charging bull at times but the energy equally relates to the contented bull in the field, chewing the cud and enjoying the warm sun on its back. Use the New Moon in Taurus to take a look around your life. Ask yourself: ‘What would make my life better?’ Can you find a way to allow some creature comforts into your life? The Taurus New Moon is also sensual, so use this month to titillate yourself and your senses. Have a massage. Eat well. Sleep late. Taurus is about feeling good in your body. It’s about delicious physical pleasures and sensations, including taste, touch and smell.

4. Character check

Are you being too stubborn or too lazy? These are very reasonable questions to ask once a year, and the New Moon in the often stubborn and lazy Taurus is a wonderful time to do it. Or perhaps you aren’t being lazy enough? See point 3.

5. Persevere

The flip side of point 4 is that even though the Taurus energy can be a tad indolent (and remember, we all have Taurus in our chart somewhere), it’s also patient and earthy. Whatever you’re working on right now, be it in your personal or professional life, this New Moon comes as a sign to you to wind things down a little, and to move slowly and surely towards your goals. Perseverance is the name of the game this month. Be dependable, too. 

If you would like to understand how this New Moon will affect you personally, find your rising sign below. 

Aries - 2nd House

Having a New Moon in your 2nd house is directing a lot of energy towards material prosperity. If you need to make changes in this area, this is the time to do it! Set intentions around building abundance in your life and watch your assets grow. If you haven't had a good relationship with money in the past use this time as a way to reprogram your thoughts about money and become more positive. 

Taurus - 1st House

A New Moon in the first house is a beautiful opportunity for you to bring in refreshing change to any part of your life. The first house, however, being about how you and others view you means that an overhaul in this area is particularly appropriate. Setting intentions to change the way you see yourself or the way other see you will be more energetically effective during the next four weeks. If things have been going well this could be a wonderful time to do something for you that helps to restore your energy and will help you keep going for the rest of the astrological year. 

Gemini - 12th House

If you are a Gemini rising you may be feeling a little off lately, and there is good reason. Having a New Moon in your 12th house means you may be feeling pressure in the area of your secrets, taboos, and spirituality. A common effect of this is withdrawing from the world and taking time to separate yourself from the larger madness and meditate your way through it. Keep the faith though, the message you've been looking for is on it's way! The Universe and Spirit will give you the messages you need, your job is being still and quiet enough to hear it. 

Cancer - 11th House

Your 11th house is all about your friends and what you're manifesting. A New Moon in this house is significant for a couple of reasons: it's a fantastic time to focus on meeting new people and building new friendships and it lends tons of energy to your manifestations! So if you've been looking to build a community get out there and find your soul tribe! As for manifesting, set your intentions, visualize, and declare them to yourself, others, and the universe.

Leo - 10th House

If you have a Leo rising sign this moon is injecting energy into your professional and student life, and you may feel extra motivation and ambition. If your working life is already solid then this moon can intensify it even more! If you're a little lost in your professional life use this time to put yourself out there more than usual. This may come in the form of learning more about the job market you're in or talking to experts who could mentor you on the path you'd like and how to get there. 

Virgo - 9th House 

The 9th house is all about study, travel and adventure, so this is a period where a Virgo rising should invest in experience! If you have plans to continue your studies, to travel or find adventure you can look for support from the sky. Over the next four weeks look at the forrest and skip the trees, it's a big and exciting world out there. Engaging in Covid-friendly travel and adventure is encouraged, as is diving into a topic you've always wanted to learn about. 

Libra 8th House

For the next four weeks if you have a Libra Rising you will have an incredible opportunity to rev up the energy of sex and money in your life. If things have become too routine in the bedroom you can set intentions and feel empowered to spice things up! This is a great time to throw off any inhibitions you've been feeling, and try something new. 

If you're trying to refill your wallet this moon is focused on where your money is involved with others, so go for intentions surrounding increasing your salary or wage. This also offers a chance to throw off debt, as it is a perfect time to create a repayment plan! 

Scorpio - 7th House

For the Scorpio Rising sign this New Moon is in your house of love. If things have been feeling a little stale then this is your time to reinvigorate your love life. This would be the perfect time to let go of old loves and old heartache and start to move on. If you are already in a partnership then focus on the refresh! The next four weeks are a great time to set intentions about some of the things you and your partner could do together. 

Sagittarius - 6th House

The 6th House has a bad reputation for being dull and tedious, but it doesn't have to be this way! If you aren't happy with the way your days have been running then consider a change to your routine and schedule. Feeling extra anxious lately? Add in a morning meditation. Feeling more tired than usual? Set an alarm to ensure you get to bed earlier. Having a good daily routine will not only make you feel better, but it will also mean your days will run smoother. 

Capricorn - 5th House 

The 5th House is generally considered to be the most fun and playful of the houses, so if the New Moon is activating this area for you it's time to get a little wild. This would be a fantastic time to put new energy into romance, creative pursuits, or your children. If you feel like you've been bogged down lately just pick one area you would like to work on and put in a plan of action. But be firm in your intentions, the law of attraction requires that we know what we want before we will get it. So make those plans to have fun, buy some paints, or ask out the person you've been crushing on. 

Aquarius - 4th House

The 4th House is all about your personal and domestic life. More than the physical space you live in, your home is also the people in your life: family and friends. This is the energy that will be having a rejuvenation this month! If things haven't been going well at home this Moon offers a chance to sort things out. On the other hand, if you've been thinking of moving this would be a good time for you to buy or sell, everything is possible! 

Pisces - 3rd House 

The Taurus New Moon in your 3rd House is all about manifestation. Not just setting intentions and visualizing though, it is also about making sure that you are doing what you need to communicate your desires to others. Think the law of attraction! If you want to pursue additional abundance communicate that to those around you. Think about what exactly you want, then ask yourself who could help you. 


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