The August New Moon in Leo

The August New Moon in Leo


As the New Moon in August approaches, prepare to manifest like never before. August 8th is the day of the Lions Gate Portal when the Sirius and Leo sun align. This is a time when high- vibrational frequencies and energies flood upon Earth, meaning an incredibly lucky and prime time to start afresh. 8/08 is also a special day not only due to the Head of the Lion, but its numerology is significant as well.

8/08 harnesses an incredible power due to the angel numbers within the mirror hour. August 8th’s intensity invites us to welcome fiery authenticity, lessons, creativity, and revolutionary change.

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For Aries, you may be more noble and authoritative with others this month. Don’t be surprised if you find your mouth has its own mini-brain. You may give your two cents in situations when others haven’t asked. Stay aligned with your morals and higher intentions. Before quick decisions, you may want to organize yourself to have an awareness of what these are.

This stage is your next level, Tauruses. Your admiration for greatness and advancement has not been unnoticed. You may currently be feeling burnout, but keep pushing towards your dreams. The greatness, glamour, and splendor that you admire are one manifestation away and it’ll totally be worth it. Really hone in on this period and feel your manifestation. Even as you hope, don’t let Leo’s passion create cruelty out of you. Have a grip on how you may be perceived by others without being attached to them. As much as you deserve the world, so do others. Be the shining light for everyone in your community.

Gemini, you may feel yourself blossoming this month. You may undergo wild and unexpected events soon. You may feel more expressive to talk about these things and your life with the new people in your life. Be careful not to overshare within your interactions with other people. Giving and receiving information is a balancing game. You have just as much to gain -- if not more -- in a conversation by remaining open and allowing others to share as well.

If you are a Cancer, your intuition is about to ramp up fully. You may gain a surprising insight about others in your life that you’ve yet to feel before. Good or bad, that’s up for you to decide. Prepare to begin a new relationship with another person this month. Allow yourself to open up and meet other people. You may feel rapidly connected to your new and budding connections, so make sure to listen to your head as well as your heart. If all else fails, reach out to other people in your life that may be able to see things from a birds-eye view.

This is a glorious time for all Leos. The infinite possibilities that lie within this month may be incredibly expansive and intense for you. A new cycle is starting in your life. If you remain your sunny, courageous, genuine self, you can never go wrong. Amongst the blessings entering you, you may feel overwhelmed by the energies of the collective. Treat yourself and honor the work you’ve done so far. This may mean a little getaway or a mani-pedi, or maybe a nice handwritten letter to yourself.

Feel free to move your body around, Virgos. Uranus is the planet of change and as the new moon squares with it, shake off all the stagnant energy of the past and embrace this new time. Look for ways you can improve the world. Be observant of how you can bring your own uniqueness to the table in the community.

Libras will feel their charisma blossoming during this moment. Be confident as you engage with others. A good rule of thumb: it’s okay for people not to like you, as long as you like yourself. You should pay attention to your brilliant ideas and listen to intuitive messages that tell you to step into your power.

For all Scorpios, your goals will be at your forefront this month. Set intentions in your professional life. You may feel inspired by bright new ideas and awareness about your life. Honor these ideas and implement them. Remember that an idea is the first step to physical manifestation. If you want to think, act, and be different to create positive change, truly commit and you will see results.

Dear Sagittarius, it’s time to create. In this new moon square Uranus, you may feel the need to delve into your creative mind. It doesn’t matter where you start. Remind yourself to lean into your patience. You were born to take up space.

Boldly open all doors with confidence, Capricorns! You may feel anxiety but set your intentions as often as you can. Try creating a vision board. Explore other manifestation techniques, like Law of Assumption and scripting. Prioritize rest and increase your calm.

Dear Aquarius, write down a list of your strengths and points of confidence. Being self-reliant and optimistic, you may feel the urge to leap into the void. Now is not a time for unexpected, random choices. Use your intellect to advance your personal authority, which you will see radiate outwards to your environment.

Stay open-minded but do not make abrupt changes, Pisces. Building trust with yourself and others will be incredibly important. This New Moon square Uranus brings revolutionary, disruptive changes. This may seem scary, but do not shy away from the opportunities that are awaiting you. Try keeping a promise to yourself this season -- this could be meditating for a week straight or journaling for the next three days.

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