Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter in Pisces

Just when we were getting used to Jupiter in Aquarius, it’s on the move again! Jupiter enters Pisces this month, and cliffs notes: get ready for all the good luck.

Key Dates: 

  • Jupiter enters Pisces 5/13/21 at 3:35pm (PT)
  • Jupiter exits Pisces on 6/28/21 at 5:42am (PT) 

Jupiter is a great indicator of expansion and abundance, and emphasizes whatever sign it’s in. With this kind of energy in Pisces we can look for the traits of Pisces to be more evident in our lives. What will that look like?

Well, it will be slightly different for everyone, but some of the themes will be more universal. In general, Jupiter feels very comfortable in Pisces because before Neptune was discovered Jupiter was the ruler of Pisces. This ancient relationship may inspire thoughts about the distant past such as past lives and ancestors. The increased mysticism of Jupiter in Pisces means we may also feel more spiritual, tuned in and connected to Universal energies and our own Psychic senses. 

More compassion and the urge to help others will be another theme. Compassion is necessary for us to interact with others, but we can’t give all of ourselves to others, so make sure to look for balance and keep those boundaries firm. For those who need to work on your heart chakra this is a perfect opportunity, and one where you can connect to people on another level.

It would also be a good time to lean into the desire for a deeper level of awareness of your oneness and connection to source energy. Pisces is a very spiritual sign so intuition will also be enhanced. It’s the perfect opportunity to step into and develop your intuition and spirituality. This is not a time to hold any doubt in your abilities, instead have faith that what you feel is true and trust it. Your intuition is a powerful tool and doubting it does yourself a disservice. 

You can also expect to gain extra appreciation for your journey thus far and be able to see the bigger picture of the world around you, feeling more spiritually connected to the world. Allow yourself to feel the magic in the world around you, and step into yourself and your practice. Let go of the fear that you are not enough, that you can’t do something, or that you have no idea what you’re doing. Trusting your intuition will lead you in the right direction when you’re meant to. 

For those who are creative: Jupiter in Pisces is a recipe for dreaminess and creativity, so this is the time to get those creative juices flowing! Go out into the world and find the inspiration, let the muses fill your cup, but remember not to overbalance yourself and forget the practical concerns. This is the perfect time to get your play written, to let the lyrics flow for your music, or to draw out your dream house. 

Pisces being the final sign of the zodiac, it also rules completion. This means you may feel things coming to a natural conclusion, or feel inspired to end things yourself. Meditate to look within and reflect on things that don’t serve you. Release the old baggage so that you can fully equip yourself for the new experiences and things coming your way in the rest of the astrological year.

To find out exactly how this transit will affect you look at what house Pisces is in in your natal chart. This is the area that Jupiter will be moving through, bringing it’s expansion and abundance. You can also expect any other planets present in Pisces to be amplified and be an important factor this astrological year. If your natal chart includes Jupiter in Pisces then this would signify a particularly lucky and abundant time for you, with the theme in whatever house is ruled by Pisces. 

If you are a Pisces sun or rising and have Jupiter in Pisces as well this is said to be a positive omen and a time for you to shine, when your gifts and rewards will come to fruition and expand.

No matter where Jupiter falls in your chart we can all tap into the energy, so make sure your intentions follow these patterns. As Jupiter is a great attractor and enhancer, good luck, abundance, life experiences are bound to come into your life during this time. So make sure to lean into your intuition, imagination, and compassion so that you can make the most of this time to build abundance in all areas of your life. 

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