The 2021 New Moon in Pisces

The 2021 New Moon in Pisces


The Month of March has been kicking off rather smoothly astrologically. The lovely connection between loving and abundant Venus and the planet of change Uranus gave us some much needed insight on what we might need to do from both a love and financial stand point.

On March 13th, the moon and sun fall into Pisces, the last Zodiac sign. This means we are ending our current journey before embarking on the next chapter. This New Moon is the perfect time to dive deep into life's mysteries and begin accessing them. 

Because Pisces is the last zodiac sign and the end of the journey, Pisces is an amalgamation of all that has previously occurred. This is partly why Pisces is so empathetic. Pisces season can be so deeply healing while also being a difficult time. Pisces represents those emotions and situations that we ignore or suppress, which is why it's also represented as the 12th house. 

Pisces is represented through the fish, as it is a true water sign. This means that Pisces go with the flow and generally follow their gut. During this new moon it is important to go with the flow, feel whatever comes up and let the heightened emotional vibes come your way. As we know, a new moon is the time to set intentions and with this mystical sign of Pisces - it's the perfect to set your magic. 

Locate your rising sign below to see where you will be activated:

ARIES: All matters that are hidden and spiritual are what is being elevated for you. This is a time when you need to withdraw from the active world and set intentions around your spiritual being. 

TAURUS: Finding balance during the Pisces new moon is critical for a Taurus. Make time for rest. If you find yourself working constantly, this is only the perfect way to burn yourself out. Taking a break will not only revitalize your energy levels, but it will give you a newfound wave of inspiration and creativity. This is a huge cycle for you to create manifestations around your social network, circle, meeting new people and making new things. 

GEMINI: Is your career on the rise? Maybe that’s all you can think about? This New Moon is channeling your house of career and public image. If you are already on the right path, set intentions to light your professional life ablaze. If you are unsure of where you need to be then set your intentions around bringing in or manifesting something new. 

CANCER: There is a rush of new energy around your life, it's a time to stop and make plans for it. Setting intentions around the bigger aspects of your life. Opening your eyes to the bigger wider world rather than fretting the details. 

LEO: If your relationships have been reevaluated and reassessed recently, this is the time that your social circle will change and evolve to solely consist of those who are truly loyal to you. It's also lighting up your sex life - if you're single here's your hint - manifest you a new a partner. 

VIRGO: Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone romantically. It is ok to be cautious, but taking risks is the best way to get the best reward.This is the perfect time to rekindle old loves or just start completely fresh. 

LIBRA: If your wellness routine has fallen to the wayside, now is the time to pick it back up and make it a primary focus of your day. Find balance, get enough sleep, exercise and eat good foods.

SCORPIO: Whether you are in a relationship or not, you may find yourself focused on romantic relationships during this time. By trying to understand your current partner on a deeper level or seeking out a new partner, finding these deeper understandings can only improve your love moving forward. You are stepping into your house of fun with this new moon so it's a wonderful time to work on and draw an action plan to inch closer to breaking FREE from the mundane. 

SAGITTARIUS: Commitment issues should be your focus during this time. More specifically, letting go of these issues with attachment to lead yourself down a healthier romantic path in the future. This will build for stronger foundations with current or future partners.

CAPRICORN: During this time, you may need to reassess how you communicate your feelings. Words can hurt but that hurt does not have to last forever. This is a time for self-reflection and the inner work that may seem more difficult.

AQUARIUS: Budgeting and creating spreadsheets isn’t really what you do best but doing so in regard to your finances during this time is the way to go. Committing to a solid budget and getting your cash flow in order is ideal during this time. Set intentions around your finances that you either need or want to grow. Your personal house of finance is activated and the worldly sign of Pisces is sending your vibes into the universe. 

PISCES: Take risks and step out of your comfort zone. Amazing job opportunities may come your way that are exciting but may make you feel uneasy. Don’t pass them up. This is putting you on center stage and if you really want a happy life - you are going to have to create it - YOURSELF. Set your intentions for exactly what you want the rest of the year to look like for you. 


How to Create a New Moon Ritual

A new moon ritual should be done to utilize the energy of the new moon to allow you the time to tap inward, reflect, recharge and plan for the future. Set your intentions and manifestations by allowing the new moon to hand over the energy needed to make these intentions and manifestations a reality.

Recommended Supplies

Have you heard any of your spiritual friends talk about an altar? An altar is where you set up your sacred items such as stones, crystals, herbs, candles and even your journal for writing down your manifestations. These supplies are all you need for your own perfect new moon ritual.

New Moon Ritual Prep

Clearing out the negative energies in yourself and your space is the ideal first step. Utilize some herb to clear the air and take a bath to cleanse your body of negative energies. During these practices, breathe deeply and clear your mind. I often listen to a meditation during my bath time but it's up to you. 


Grounding is a great practice to implement in your day-to-day life, but it is also an important part of your new moon ritual as well. Generally, when someone is in need of grounding, they feel anxious and restless. A very popular grounding technique is to visualize roots actually connecting your body to the earth, all the way to the earth’s core.


Now that you have grounded yourself and cleared out the negative energy in the space, you should set your intentions and manifestations. The new moon is the perfect time to begin creating a reality for yourself that feels far away or maybe even a little unrealistic. But by setting these intentions by writing them down in this space, you set the ball in motion for making these dreams a reality. You’ve cleared space in your environment and made room for the new and the better to enter your life.

Some Suggested Rituals for this New Moon in Pisces

1. Have Fun with Your Feet

Before you judge, keep reading! Because the new moon is a time of letting go of the old, releasing tension through your feet is a great option. This can be something as simple as a pedicure or a lymphatic foot massage. However, a wilder approach is too dance barefoot on the ground. Jump and stomp around to your favorite music.

The importance of grounding was described above and placing your bare feet on the ground is one way to do this.

2. Get That Much Needed Rest

This is true for all new moons but particularly for Pisces. Pisceans are known for escapism and sleep is a great way to achieve this.

3. Set Boundaries

Pisces is a vulnerable sign which can lead to victimization and being walked all over. By taking this new moon to set the proper boundaries you need for emotional and physical well-being, you will find a healthier balance moving forward.

4. Meditate

The Pisces new moon is the perfect time to tap into the energy of the universe through meditation. Let go of your ego and materialistic concerns.

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