Witchy Numerology

Witchy Numerology

Witchy Numerology and What Your Birthday Can Tell You

Obviously, most of us are emotionally attached to our birthdays, whether that is purely because of nostalgia or astrologically. Did you know that the day you were born is never a coincidence? You were meant to enter this world on the date you came into it. Your birthday can actually reveal a lot about you. Obviously, astrology is incredibly linked to birthdays because it uses the placement of the planets at the moment you were born to show who you are, but today we are talking about your magic number. Unlike many other studies of numerology, witchy numerology does not utilize repeat numbers, or what many refer to as “angel numbers” such as 11, 22, 33 and so on.

The magic number that can reveal the gifts you can offer the world can be very easily calculated. For example, if your birthday is February, 25th 1994, then you would calculate your number by adding 2 + 2 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 4 = 32. Then, reduce that totaled number to one digit like so, 3 + 2 = 5. In this example, the magic number is 5.

There are 9 magic numbers that your birthday can reveal. Below, we have listed all 9 and their meanings for you to easily discover what gifts your specific birthday gave to you.

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1: The Magician


The Magician is one of the most powerful cards in the Tarot deck, indicating an extreme ability to manifest your chosen desires. Those who’s number is one have shown to be very powerful and talented witches, as they have a very strong will within this realm. However, do not try to control and manipulate those around you. Your power lies in manifestation and courage.

One is also known as the “purest” or “youngest” number in the numerical set. Number One’s are naturally very creative and imaginative. Their energies are also considered to be very brave because they rarely overthink and jump right into the center of the ring head on, trying many different activities at least once in their lives.

2: The Empath


Do you ever feel like you walk into a room and absorb every single emotion that is present around you? That may be because you fall under the number two gift. The empath is very sensitive to external energies. This usually results in extreme compassion on your part, as you can so easily put yourself in another’s shoes. Your gift lies in easing the pain of those around you, but do not get lost in the energies of others.

Empaths are also very in tune with their third eye and crown chakra which is why taking the time to ground yourself if you are an empath is so critical to a healthy balance. The term empath also covers a wide array of people because there are up to fifteen different types of empaths out there, all possessing a slightly different skillset and focus. You should also practice cutting energetic chords and grounding yourself to release all you take on. Your power lies within dreams and intuition.

3: The Triple Moon

The Moon is a powerful element of spirituality. Your strength is represented in all three phases of the moon. The triple moon is a sort of younger sibling to the lunar apprentice. You hold all of the power of each moon phase, giving you the extreme ability to manifest your thoughts into your reality. Your thoughts become your reality without much specific effort. So, be careful when you begin to use negative self-talk or spiral into a dark place, as those thoughts hold a lot of powerful energy. Your power lies in creation and destruction.

4: The Elementist

The number 4 represents the four elements: earth, water, fire, and air. You were born in balance with each of the four elements, providing you a sturdy foundation and very pragmatic rational thought. The balance of all of the elements repels most external energy from penetrating your being. The elements create a magical force field around these types of beings that deflects darkness from them making curses or hexes a bit harder to stick. Your power is captivating and incredibly rational.

5: The Spiritualist

While above, number 4 holds the energy of the four elements, number 5 holds the energy of the very important fifth element, spirit. Anyone born under this energy is extremely interconnected with the spiritual realm and can very easily tap into the energies, powers, and magics from these other realms. Your power lies in contacting spirits and ancestral magic.

The number 5 is also often symbolized by the pentagram. Contrary to pop culture references and what the media perpetuates, the pentagram is not the sign of the devil. The pentagram encapsulates the four elements and the fifth in respect of the spirit which is all around us. Their practice may heavily relay on Ancestral Magic. 

6: The Solar Apprentice

6 is the source of light, the sun, and all of the energy that radiates from these sources. The sun is the center of out solar system which is the center of light workers and solar apprentices’ magic. Solar magic embodies all the energy of the sun and its strong energy flows. The blessings of life, power, healing, leadership and responsibility. Your energy flow is out of this world! You have exponential power to heal and lead, but these powers also come with responsibilities to pursue these practices with divine intention. Your power lies in ritual magic, spell casting and healing.

7: The Lunar Apprentice

If you find yourself mesmerized by the moon, it may be because this is your number, and you share energy and power with the entire moon itself. You simply have a natural understanding of magic without a need to follow rituals or instructions. You also have the power to dream prophetic dreams. Lunar Apprentices are also the masters of the moon and moon practices.

Generally cosmic witches and astrologers, your self care relies heavily on moon practices in general. With natural dream powers, you can interrupt and see things in dreams instinctually. If you can hone this skill, you could do wonders for the world and universe. Your power lies in visions and prophetic dreams. Number 8:

8: Traditional Witch Number

8 can be viewed as one of the most magical out of all of the numbers and is also linked to the 8 Sabbats which are Winter Solstice, Imbolc, Spring Equinox, Beltane, Summer Solstice, Lughnasadh, Autumn Equinox and Samhain. You have such intense and powerful magical energy flowing through you, but this can only be truly heightened by celebrating the Sabbats.

You also have a very clear intuition that can direct you between right and wrong. Your power lies in energy manipulation and alchemy. Many traditional witches also rely on practices involving Gods, Goddesses and Tarot along with herbs and potions, and traditional magic which includes spell casting and using the Ouja Board.

9: The Shaman

The final number, nine, in the list represents a combination of all that is above. The number 9 represents all beginnings and ends. You see the world in a truly unique way. Are you creative or artistic in nature? Do you find that you see situations in a completely different light than those around you? This unique perspective gives you the power of healing. Just like the representation of beginnings and ends, this number connects to the ideas of death and rebirth. You may even have a completely natural ability to sense and communicate with ghosts and spirits around you. If you really focus in and grow this ability, you even have the power to transcend the world just like powerful shamans can do. Your power lies in astral projection and totem magic and within the focus of spirit animals.

Your number does not confine you to the gifts presented within that number. The beauty of the spiritual world is that you can enter any facet you feel drawn to. These numbers are mostly here to tell you where your natural strengths may lie or to guide anyone who is feeling a little lost on their spiritual journey. So, figure out your number, and read about your gifts and powers!
You never know, something might just… click!

 *The Titles and basic concepts originated from The Alchemist of the Magical Recipes Online. We have then expanded on the years and coined the name Witchy Numerology. 

**We understand that not all the practices and cultures discussed are witch practiced. The term Witchy Numerology is not inclusive to just "witch" culture. We ourselves are not witches, we are mystics. This term was intended for a fun, creative, inviting way to find a starting point for you magical gifts. 

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