Witchy Numerology: Going in Depth

Witchy Numerology: Going in Depth

Witchy Numerology

What Type of Witch Are You?

Numerology can be a great guidance toward what you might hold a predisposition for success toward in the witchy community. Using your birthday to find your magic number can be a great bouncing off point to discover what kind of witch you might be. However, it is important to note that this is not a limitation to where you can go. This is simply a fun way for a beginner to find somewhere to start their practice. 

In a previous article, we described how to figure out your magic number and what that number means to you. For a brief reminder, this is how you can figure out your magic number. 

If your birthday is February, 25th 1994, then you would calculate your number by adding 2 + 2 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 4 = 32. Then, reduce that totaled number to one digit like so, 3 + 2 = 5. In this example, the magic number is 5. Below, you can find different types of witches and studies that are linked to certain magic numbers. Once again, this is not meant to put anyone in a box. This is merely a guide to help you find your niche within this broad community. 

Eclectic or Secular Witch (1, 9)

If your magic number is one or nine, you may be more connected to the work of an Eclectic witch or a Secular Witch.

The number 1 is thought of as The Magician. One is also known as the “purest” or “youngest” number in the numerical set. Number One’s are naturally very creative and imaginative. Their energies are also considered to be very brave because they rarely overthink and jump right into the center of the ring head on, trying many different activities at least once in their lives. The number 9 is thought of as The Shaman. The number 9 represents all beginnings and ends and the ideas of death and rebirth. Their power lies in astral projection and totem magic and within the focus of spirit animals. 

The Eclectic Witch is one who studies all forms of witchcraft, marching to the beat of their own drum. This type of witch will rarely follow specific religious guidelines. They often use the “what works for me, works for me” approach to the craft. Secular witchcraft follows the above model slightly. In secular witchcraft, the focus of Gods and Goddesses is removed, providing what many perceive as a clean slate for a spiritual practice. There are no religious guidelines in this practice. 

When connecting the magic numbers 1 and 9 to Eclectic and Secular witchcraft, it makes sense. These numbers are very broad and widespread, making the powers within these people open to many avenues. 

Lunar or Cosmic Witch (2, 7)

If your magic number is two or seven, you may feel drawn to Lunar Witchcraft or Cosmic Witchcraft. 

Magic number 2 is known as the Empath. Empaths are very in tune with their third eye and crown chakras with powers focusing on dreams and intuition. Magic number 7 on the other hand, is very moon focused. Those with this magic number share energy and power with the entire moon itself with powers residing in visions and prophetic dreams, similarly to number two.

Cosmic and Lunar Witcraft focus on Astrology and Astronomy. The planets and stars are what guide this practice. These witches use the placements of the planets in one’s specific chart to reveal aspects of their personality and even predict certain patterns in events or circumstances. 

With those possessing the magic numbers 2 and 7, it makes sense that their strong connection to the moon and the emotions around them would provide them strengths in this area.

Green, Fairy, Fire, Sea, Elemental, Kitchen, and Hedge Witch (4)

The number 4 represents the four elements: earth, water, fire, and air. Those with this magic number were born in balance with each of the four elements, providing them a sturdy foundation and very pragmatic rational thought. The balance of all of the elements repels most external energy from penetrating their being and their power lies in any magic that can harness the elements.

With that being said, the title Green Witch, feels spot on. This type of witchcraft is very nature based and earth oriented. This practice utilizes a lot of elements of the earth such as dirt, rocks, and herbs. These witches can even work a lot on herbal remedies. The number 4 can also guide someone toward Fairy, Fire, Sea, Elemental Kitchen and Hedge Witchcraft. All of these practices encompass the same basic elements. Sea Witches focus on the ocean in their practice. Hedge Witches, however, may be drawn to astral projection, while still utilizing the elements of the earth. Fairy or Faery Witchcraft works within the powers of the Fae and is connected through land and imagination. Animals are very trusting of Faery Witches and will often communicate with them telepathically.

The magic number 4 already connects those who possess it with the elements of the earth, making it easier for them to practice element focused witchcraft.

Divination, Ancestral, Ceremonial, and Chaos Witch (5, 8)

While above, number 4 holds the energy of the four elements, number five holds the energy of the very important fifth element, spirit. Anyone born under this energy is extremely interconnected with the spiritual realm and can very easily tap into the energies, powers, and magics from these other realms. Their power lies in contacting spirits and ancestral magic. The number five is also often symbolized by the pentagram. Contrary to pop culture references and what the media perpetuates, the pentagram is not the sign of the devil. The pentagram encapsulates the four elements and the fifth in respect of the spirit which is all around us. 

Number Eight can be viewed as one of the most magical out of all of the numbers. Eight is also linked to the Sabbats. Those with this magic number have such intense and powerful magical energy flowing through them, but this can only be truly heightened by celebrating the Sabbats. They also have a very clear intuition that can direct them between right and wrong. Their power lies in energy manipulation and alchemy. 

Divination, Ancestral, Ceremonial, and Chaos Witches often encompass magic numbers five and eight. A Chaos Witch is someone who practices Chaos Magic. This magic revolves around the idea that the belief in magic is actually a tool of magic itself. An Ancestral or Ceremonial Witch is one who focuses on traditional practices, possibly practices passed down through out their family or coven. Many traditional witches also rely on practices involving Gods, Goddesses and Tarot along with herbs and potions, and traditional magic which includes spell casting and using the Ouja Board.

With strength around the fifth element, spirit, channeling these studies of witchcraft that draw witches into the spiritual realm through divination, tarot, or other spiritual connections, it is understandable why this magic number is likely to thrive here. 

Sun, Ceremonial, and Light Witch (6)

Six is the source of light, the sun, and all of the energy that radiates from these sources. The sun is the center of our solar system which is the center of light workers and solar apprentices’ magic. Their energy flow is mind bogglingly strong! They have exponential power to heal and lead, but these powers also come with responsibilities to pursue these practices with divine intention. Their power lies in ritual magic, spell casting and healing. 

Sun, Ceremonial and Light Witches embrace both the light and the dark, which embraces the yin and the yang. This type of witchcraft focuses on balance. 

If your magic number is 6, which indicates a connection to the sun and light and you decide to look into these forms of witchcraft, you might feel like studying it is a breeze and incredibly easy to grasp. 

Shaman Witch (9)

The final number, nine, as also briefly described above, represents a combination of all of the magic numbers. Those with the magic number nine may even have a completely natural ability to sense and communicate with ghosts and spirits around them. If they really focus in and grow this ability, they even have the power to transcend the world just like powerful shamans can do. Their power lies in astral projection and totem magic and is within the focus of spirit animals. 

Shamanism itself is a religious practice that generally involves a practitioner who interacts with the spirit world, directing energies from these spiritual contacts for healing and other uses. With the magic number nine encompassing many of the powers above, it makes sense that those with this number would be drawn to Shamanism as it seems to utilize elements of most forms of witchcraft. 


Your number does not confine you to the gifts presented within that number. The beauty of the spiritual world is that you can enter any facet you feel drawn to. These numbers and connections to certain studies of witchcraft are mostly here to tell you where your natural strengths may lie or to guide anyone who is feeling a little lost on their spiritual journey. However, the most important way to figure out where your strengths in witchcraft and the spiritual world lie, is to follow your heart and trust your instinct. Whatever you feel drawn to is most likely right for you. These guidelines and suggestions are simply here to help anyone who feels lost on their spiritual journey.

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