Pluto Retrograde 2021

Pluto Retrograde 2021

Pluto will start its retrograde journey in Capricorn on April 27th.

This planetary moonwalk will last until October 6th. During this time, you'll want to make decisions that will help you grow. The caveat is that you may not be ready to and want to prolong the process during this transit. The good news is that you will allow yourself to understand your actions on a deep level, which will give you a different perspective on how you interact with others and treat yourself.


A former professional opportunity is coming your way, making you eager to take the project on. The caveat is that you may not have the role you desire or get the acclaim and attention you want. Be forewarned: Taking on such work matters will confuse the direction of your goals.


Embracing a childhood dream (which has been a long-time goal) or taking classes on a subject that you always wanted to learn about will boost your spirit to the next level. The world will now be your oyster and playground of infinite wisdom as you're quenching your thirst for knowledge.


You're a powerhouse lately, but now you are taking a step back and paying attention to the effect you have on others. This will require you to re-evaluate the words you use when confronting and addressing other people, as you're noticing and understanding that there are better ways to express yourself.


As you know, relationships take a lot of work. Unfortunately, the power struggles you've been experiencing with your partner aren't helping your intimate connections move forward with ease. Before allowing yourself to engage in an argument, try to find a balanced and reasonable way of understanding your partner's needs to ensure serenity.


The drama with colleagues never stops, as they are constantly in need of having their hands held when making decisions and crafting projects at the office. Before they take credit for your ideas, make sure that your name and efforts are known by everyone you work with—especially your boss.


Being creative is challenging enough to do on its own, without having deadlines from upper management. Finding ways to make art that you love will be easier than before, since you now have tons of time and the freedom to make projects that you are proud of instead of doing just basic things.


Your home life is anything but boring these days. In fact, it's exciting and intense. Now, you are understanding how to manage the energies you're feeling to help tone the vibe down before it hits a high. This will allow you to mend relationships with your family members and move forward with them.


Rather than asserting yourself with big and bold words, allow others to have a chance to let their feelings be known. This will help eradicate any lingering miscommunications and sentiments that exist between the both of you. The newfound way of communicating and expressing yourself will create understanding and harmony.  


Money matters and issues have been creating problems in your life. All the more reason for you to make an appointment at your bank with an advisor who can give you options on how to make a proper savings plan and portfolio. The good news is you will have a ton of savings soon.


You're not one to be trifled with these days, since you are demanding control and authority over others. Try loosening up the reins a little bit and give yourself a moment of chill. This will allow you to connect with yourself, which is still very power hungry but not ruthless.


Healing past trauma is a lifelong process. However, the cosmos are now helping you squash some of your fears and allowing you to realize that you are stronger than anyone or anything. As long as you're willing and open to looking at matters honestly, you can gain a better understanding of yourself.


You love your friends. But, sometimes they can be a little pushy. And, lately, they have been very controlling or menacing in your life. They'll take a step back over the next several months in wanting to tell you what to do. The vibe will be chiller with your crew.

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