The November New Moon in Scorpio on 11/4

This New Moon in Scorpio is taking place on November 4th. The effects of this Scorpio New Moon may bring forth a feeling of forks in the road where decisions have to be made. This could revolve around deciding to leave a job, move to a new city, or even begin or end a romantic relationship. If you are dealing with a situation that is causing discomfort and distress, the energies of this new moon could bring forth the motivation to make decisions around these issues, possibly forcefully.

What this New Moon in Scorpio means for you and your sign:


For Aries, this new moon is taking place in your eighth house of shared resources and transformation. This may trigger changes in relationships and marriages. This could also lead you toward a change at work, either a promotion or a new, better, job. Just make sure that these new opportunities you are seizing are in alignment with what you truly want in life.


For Taurus, this new moon is taking place in your seventh house of self-worth and identity. During this time, you should home in on taking care of yourself and your self-care. Your personal needs should be placed above the needs of those around you.


For Gemini, this new moon is taking place in your sixth house of routine and health. Allow this energy to drive you forward with a healthy and balanced approach to your overall wellness. If you have a routine that is imbalanced, this is the time to find the happy middle between self-care and overall wellness.


For Cancer, this new moon is taking place in your fifth house of self-expression and creativity. This is the time to think of those big dreams and believe they can be a reality. Be open with the universe in receiving what is handed to you.


For Leo, this new moon is taking place in your fourth house of home and roots. This is a time to let go of what is no longer serving you professionally so you can find peace within your home life. This is the time to improve a long-term working relationship and release negative emotions.


For Virgo, this new moon is taking place in your third house of communication. Use this communicative energy to express your creative ideas without the fear of judgement.


For Libra, this new moon is taking place in your second house of stability and money. This new moon is bringing forth some financial changes. This is most likely a change in how you make your money. This energy is pushing you to move forward with money making ideas you have been sitting on.


For Scorpio, this new moon is taking place in your first house of new beginnings. It is your time to put your power at the forefront of your relationships, whether that be professional or romantic. If you have been putting yourself in the background, now is the time to let yourself shine through again.


For Sagittarius, this new moon is taking place in your twelfth house of imagination and the subconscious. While you may feel like you are busy, this is a joyful time. All of these commitments and activities are in alignment with your true self.


For Capricorn, this new moon is taking place in your eleventh house of friendships and social networks. You may feel more outgoing during this time and expressive. This can lead to embarking on a new project that could align you with new and exciting opportunities. Connect with those around you, it could lead to exciting things.


For Aquarius, this new moon is taking place in your tenth house of public recognition. Your career can shift dramatically, leaving you in a space that feels unstable, but these are all changes that are bringing you closer to true alignment.


For Pisces, this new moon is taking place in your nineth house of philosophy and higher education. Advocate for yourself now! Find your self-worth and stand in it proudly. This New Moon is helping you transform your limiting beliefs around what you deserve. Your strength and bravery will be rewarded.

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