The Upcoming Full Moon in Aquarius

The Upcoming Full Moon in Aquarius

The Upcoming Full Moon in Aquarius 

Believe it or not, full moons don't just affect witches, werewolves, and the tides. They’re an energetically electric time for everyone, which may explain the strange phenomena that often occur around this particular time. Full moons are a time to release, let go, and start anew. You may start to feel the moon’s energy a few days ahead of time, and if not, be prepared for an unexpected clarity or a gradual progression of intensity a couple of days after the full moon. This upcoming full moon in Aquarius on July 24th invites spontaneity, humor, and innovation.

During the period of the full moon, it’s out with the old and in with the new. Your past is clearing the way for your manifestations to enter your life. Keep an eye out for signs and signals from the universe in the form of angel numbers or recurring symbols. The universe may be hinting for you to go in a certain direction, and not always what you plan. Be sure to self-reflect; be aware of the emotions you felt and decisions you made last month. The mistakes you repeated are a lesson. The achievements you gained will serve you well in the future.


As a headstrong Aries, you may have deadlines you plan to accomplish this month, and no one is getting in your way! Watch out for arguments that may come between you and your loved ones with this mindset. You may observe your friends and family acting goofier than usual and making light out of dark situations. Protip for the month: be sure to hear others out first, even if you feel you’re the right one (and let’s be real, you usually are).


For Tauruses, this is a time for progress. You may feel relaxed after a period of darkness. Finally, things are going the way you’d like them to. If at first it doesn’t appear this way, trust the universe knows what’s best. And don’t be afraid to embrace the greatness in the present moment. Let go of fear and make room for a newer, brighter chapter to head your way.


Dear Gemini, you may feel your head returning to the clouds once more this full moon. It’s a time for change and expression and the time is now. If the Universe tells you to dye your hair orange, wear orange clothes and buy orange sheets, embrace the traffic cone chic! Enjoy this period of free-thinking ideas and rock your authenticity.


As the Aquarian full moon approaches, Cancers may feel braver and more spontaneous within their partnerships. Of course, this may come with a loss of security and stability within deeper-rooted connections. Things may be a little out of balance. Fight the urge to retreat into yourself. The Universe is telling you to relax -- a lighthearted mind and good sense of humor will get you through any trial.


The air of Aquarius may activate the warmth of your Leo blaze in your career life. Let the winds guide you to unexpected opportunities and blessings. If you overpower the natural flow of life, you may become authoritative and demanding to those around you. Once you balance your career with your friendships, your connections with others will thrive.


Expect a change in your home life, Virgo, and this full moon, it starts with your routine. You may find yourself becoming less organized and more relaxed than usual. Don’t be so quick to transfer all this energy into helping others. Take time to honor yourself and appreciate the rest that comes with a new, healthy season.


Your creativity is at an all-time high this month, Libras! Pick up a paintbrush, a pencil, or whatever art medium you work best with. The universe favors your artistry this month, and much good will come from it. And lean into those partnerships! This is a wonderful time for you to exchange ideas and embrace your flirty, sociable side. Make sure you maintain a balance in your conversations. You may seem a little too out of touch with reality, so don’t go too overboard. The goal this August? Go out and notice how many new relationships you’ll cultivate.


As a Scorpio, you can likely count how many times you’ve been told to ease up. With this full moon, the people in your life will be in for a surprise when they see how free-flowing your communication is. You’ll suddenly find yourself saying all those secretive inner thoughts with confidence, without giving a hoot about others’ opinions. (That’s what they get for asking you to speak up, right?) This is a social month for you. Pay attention to how others react to your bold, inner self, and then act accordingly.


Fierce Sagittarius, adventure awaits you. Your dreams may be more intense and confusing than usual. In order to reach your goals, harness the energy of spontaneity and recklessness. Caution beware, though. Think through your decisions before you leap rapidly, and remember to trust in others’ ideas before you launch off.


Don’t be anxious if not everything goes to plan in your career life, beloved Capricorn. Be willing to let go of what doesn’t fit and welcome better goals. Lean into that urge to relax. And remember, financial gifts come in many mysterious packages...


Aquarians, it’s time for you to shine. You’ll feel yourself detaching from others as you begin to enter a more reflective, revolutionary period. Unexpected circumstances are heading your way. Aquarius energy is spontaneous, humorous, spunky, and new. Rest assured, you may have been feeling signs of this lightness entering your life. Expect to make a ton of progress in your work and feel connected to others. If you start feeling silly, wacky, or strange, blame it on the moon! Keep at your goals, and you’ll see a whirlwind of opportunities unfold.


Your inner beliefs may be stronger than ever, Pisces, and that’s a great thing! This is the perfect time to honor your spirituality. You will observe that others suddenly have a more creative spark. Don’t let yourself be intimidated by anyone; look at it as a chance to gain inspiration. Tap into your bold, admired self-expression in every room you walk into. Brainstorm ideas and make sure to follow through! You’ll surely reap the rewards as you’ll find your life blossoming with new ideas and your beliefs developing more than ever.

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