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This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

**We are honored for how busy we have become. Please note that bookings are running Roughly a month out. All readings are now recorded readings.

Specializing in Whole Sign Houses (however we can do other systems) we offer Natal Chart / Secondary Chart / Major Transit Charts Readings and Interpretations in that can assist in your spiritual understanding of yourself, current energies surrounding 

Astrology Reading - Natal Chart - This is your Natal Chart and House Placements in the Whole Sign house System. 

Astrology Reading - Secondary Chart - This is a reading of your Secondary Moon Progression Only which provides a look into the future for you at least 2 Stages.

Astrology Reading - Birth Reading - When the Sun makes its annual return to the exact place in your chart as when you were born, it's your birthday! This reading is to know exactly how and where you should focus your energy for your personal new year. You can use this reading to create a plan to help you accomplish some of your most important goals. 

Astrology Reading - Natal & Forecasting - This reading is a combination of your understanding your Natal Chart and the Forecasting of your year ahead. It's truly perfect for gathering the clarity and strategy you need to over challenging situations, mapping out a plan, or discovering the best times for acting on an opportunity or idea. We'll talk key concerns like love, career, health, and finances.

Astrology Reading - Career Reading - Stuck? Don't know if you are in your the right career path? Ready to leave up and want to use cosmic energy to back your dreams ? This is the reading for you. This will combine your Natal Chart, Secondary Moon and your Solar Return through the lens of your finance and career houses to allow you to make the most of your talents. 

Astrology Reading - Spiritual Reading - Ever wondered why "weird" things just come to you? You know just but don't know why you know things? Perhaps you want to know... do I have spiritual gifts and how can I used them? This reading is an analysis of your Natal Chart that reveals what spiritual gifts you may have already been predisposed to. 


Astrology Reading - Shadow Astrology - The Shadow is an archetypes from depth psychology. Depth psychology seeks to unpack the stuff of our unconscious mind. Aspects in our unconscious are thought to be unknown or hard to access by our waking conscious self. The theories state that memories, experiences, traumas, and other aspects of self are stored, processed, and exist in this “space” within us leaving imprints that influences our current actions and behavior patterns.


Astrology Reading - Past Life Astrology - People who believe in reincarnation are always hungry for knowledge about their past lives. Now, through karmic approach to astrology, I will show how to find out how our present and future are affected by the lives we’ve lived before. By explaining the workings of karma—the credits and deficits gathered by the soul through each of its lives—I offer readers the key to powerful new insights.